Eye Exams

Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive eye exam possible. We have made it our priority to incorporate the latest in technology to better serve in diagnosis and treatment of eye problems. In fact we were the first office in Quebec to obtain many of these technologies. Some of these tests include:

Retinal Photography

Takes digital pictures of the back of the eye to evaluate the health of the retina (ie macular degeneration).

Corneal Topography

Measures the shape of the eye to better fit contact lenses and diagnose eye disease.


Measures the thickness of the surface of the eye and helps to diagnose glaucoma and helps deter-mine good candidates for laser procedures.

Automated Visual Field Testing

Checks peripheral vision to diagnose glaucoma and neurological conditions.

Non Contact Tonometry

Measures eye pressure without the need for drops.

Auto Refraction

Measures vision without any verbal res-ponses and helps in examining young children and communicatively handicapped individuals.

Computer Vision Tester

A device that mimics and helps measure the eye strain induced by computer monitors.